Photograph by: Maria Garcia

About | Jimmy Fashner

Hey, thanks for stopping by! My name is Jimmy and I’m a professional photographer and visual story teller from the sunny city of St. Petersburg, Florida.

I started taking pictures about six years ago and haven’t looked back. I enjoy photographing EVERYTHING! My life literally revolves around capturing that next moment. Everything from portraiture, product photography, street photography, landscapes, cityscapes, sporting events, occasional weddings, and travel - anything that catches my eye (or YOUR eye) is game. I never leave home without my camera.

While my style plays on simplicity, symmetry, and all things Florida, I’m always exploring new avenues to refine my style, explore new places, and make new connections. I've had the privilege of working with brands like Disney, Universal, Toyota, Lufthansa, Visit Florida, and Indy Car, to name a few. Let’s connect and let me capture your unique story.

Please contact me to book for shoots, order prints, or just go shoot!